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Who are Inuvialuit?

In my own words, my Inuvialuit Region is based right on the Arctic Ocean. Inuvialuit are Canadian Western Inuit, and practice almost all the same culture activities as the rest of the Inuit in the Arctic. We have each our own artistic touches, so don't be afraid when there's something that was not "Traditional" in my carvings

What is your style carving?

Most of my carvings will have a little personal touch to them, I like to leave a part of the natural rock look on it. So some of them will have the un-carved parts to them, part of how you can see what the rock looked like before it was carved. But not all will look the same, because they are handmade and carved by me 🙂

What are Inukshuks ( Pronounced like Ee-nook-shook)

Inukshuks were used as landmarks, guidance, directions, food caches and among all good hunting spots

What is Baleen?

Baleen is a filtering system Baleen Whales have instead of teeth! Its stiff and fiber'ish, very light weight!

Are your materials properly harvested?

Absolutely! We do not waste any part of the animal and use each and every part of it as possible. That is how we get so beautiful creations

Do you ship oversees and to P.O. boxes?

Yes, we’ll ship your package anywhere that can accept deliveries.

Baleen and Walrus Ivory require export permits to be shipped out of Canada.

I am NOT responsible for Import Custom Duty Fees! And not responsible for shipping delays after the item has been shipped

All orders have FREE tracking

Where else can I find your carvings?

My art can be found in the beautiful little gallery in Inglewood in the awesome Moonstone Creation Gallery in Calgary.

If you are in Banff, you can stop by Buffalo Nations Museum. They will have many of my pieces there.

Also in Qiviuk Boutique, they will have some beautiful Muskoxen carvings available..

An in Niagara On The Lake Ontario, a store called Upper Canada Native Art Inc you will find my beautiful jewelry.

Do you offer wholesale for your items?

Yes!! Absolutely, please contact me for information

Do you offer corporate gifting?

Absolutely, please contact me with details and ideas

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For more beautiful photos of my hometown and the lovely Northern Lights, check out his awesome photos here!! Chis Kelly Photography