Priscilla Boulay – Artist Statement
My art is an expression of my Inuvialuit heritage and the lessons I've learned
living on the coast of the Arctic Ocean. Growing up in Tuktoyaktuk, I learned
the art of carving from my family and began creating art at a young age.
My style of carving is unique, evolving from my views and experience of
Inuvialuit traditions and beliefs including hunting and fishing, travelling,
and watching wildlife in the Arctic. As an Inuvialuit, my traditions and art
styles are different from many other Indigenous communities. After moving
to Calgary, I continued to create art using the materials I had available.
With little traditional materials to carve with, I began making beautiful
jewelry from the pieces left from carving antlers, Ivory, and Muskox Horn.
As an urban Inuvialuk, I am constantly learning how to balance my
traditional way of life with modern living. It is important to me that I pass
on my knowledge to my daughters so that they can continue to learn and
celebrate our heritage through art. My goal is to create art that not only
celebrates my culture but also creates a connection between the viewer and
the Arctic environment. Through my art, I hope to share the richness of my
culture with others and keep the legacy of my great-grandfather alive for
future generations.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces I have done so far